Wednesday, 19 September 2012

10-year-old twin girls bag a full Munro round

If you are struggling to find the energy or motivation to go walking, perhaps this heart-warming tale will give you a push. For 10-year-old twin girls Cliona and Nuala McCheyne recently finished a full round of Scotland’s 282 Munros.

The girls, from Dunoon, have been walking Munros sine they were aged only four and with their parents Diane and Neil they have spent many weekends enjoying themselves on Scotland mountains.

What are the Munros?

The Munros are mountains with a summit of at least 3,000ft (914.4m) and are located across Scotland. The were first identified by Sir Hugh Munro in the early 19th century and since then several thousand people have walked the full round of 282 Munros.

But many people take decades to walk all the Munros, and never have the Munros been completed by children so young. For mum and dad, it has taken 26 years to finish the full round, while the family dog, West Highland terrier, Aonach, is still on 224 Munros.

One of the twins, Cliona is reported as saying: “It’s been great fun doing them. We’ve never found them scary. Our mum is a bit scared of heights so we always have to encourage her.”

Of course, no one is saying that you need to go out and embark on the full Munro round challenge. You could simply try bagging a few Munros for starters. In fact, in Angus and the surrounding there are some of the easiest Munros.

As with any hike in the countryside, it is important that you know how to navigate yourself safely by map and compass before setting out, especially if the weather forecast is poor. Glentrek offer hill walking navigation courses, should you be interested.

The twin girls were able to learn map reading skills as part of their family Munro bagging trips. Mum Diane is reported as saying: “The girls have learnt so much doing the Munros, like how to map-read. It’s been a huge learning curve for them.

“We’re so proud. It’s a remarkable achievement for anyone. We didn’t set out to break a record. We just did it so we could spend time together and we’ve loved every minute of it."

Easier Munros to bag

The Cairnwell and Carn Aosda

Dreish and Mayar


Mount Keen

Ben Chonzie

If you would like any information about bagging Munros, or would like some guiding assistance do please get in touch.

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