Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Walk to a mountain peak for a breakfast sunrise!

What will you be doing this Saturday? Siting on the sofa watching a bland TV programme? Drinking too many beers or wine? Wondering why you’re bored – when everyone else seems to be out having fun? So, do something different!

We’re off to walk overnight from Ballater to take the sunrise views from the Munro, Lochnagar. The outing is sure to be great fun and we can promise you camaraderie and a Champagne and strawberries breakfast at the summit.

Of course, there is no guarantee of a view but we’ll have our fingers and toes crossed.

Lochnagar (also called Beinn Ch├Čochan) is a mountain in the Grampians, situated about five miles south of the River Dee, near Balmoral. Technically, the English name is a misunderstanding because Lochnagar was named after Lochan na Gaire – the “little loch of the noisy sound” –  which is in fact a loch that is found in the mountain's northeast corrie. The mountain is also known Beinn Ch├Čochan, which means mountain of breasts in Gaelic.

If you fancy the Glentrek sunrise walk, please contact us. We’ll be setting off at 11pm on Friday July 14 from Ballater. The guided mountain walking takes place in darkness and we’re hoping for a magnificent sunrise on the Sunday morning. The price per person is £30, which includes a 25% discount.

Email admin@glentrek.com to book or call us on 07934443557 for more info.

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