Thursday, 2 February 2012

We're wild for the wild map of Scotland!

We have always known that the Angus Glens and the Eastern Glens were special. And beautifully wild and remote. And now their “wildness” has been captured on a new “wild land” map.

Scottish Natural Heritage has come up with a Wild Map that’s a first in Europe and is aimed at protecting Scotland’s stunning wild places and landscapes.

According to SNH project: “Wildness is a quality experienced by people when visiting places of a certain character. Measuring wildness is inherently difficult.... However, we consider wildness depends on a number of physical attributes that can be measured…”

These include: The perceived naturalness of the land cover; the ruggedness of the terrain; remoteness from public roads or ferries; and a visible lack of buildings, roads, pylons and other modern artefacts.

The Wild Map will assist local authorities and other planning bodies to make decisions about development and land use change. And it’s hoped the maps will also help the tourism industry to promote Scotland’s wild landscapes to visitors and walkers.

We’re already doing that and we will certainly be using the wild map to make more of the wonderful wildness of the Angus Glens and Eastern Cairngorms.

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