Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Half-price winter skills courses

What does £25 buy these days? Your half of a cheap meal out with your partner? A Big Mac meal for the family, if you only have a couple of kids. A pair of winter cycling gloves? Four bottles of mediocre wine... And a full day's winter skills tuition in the mountains with Glentrek!

We have cut the price of our day winter skills courses by 50% and it's proving hard for people to resist. Our Glentrek winter skills courses are the perfect introduction to walking in Scotland's winter mountains.

While summer walking still requires a lot of attention to detail, including navigation and weather, when you add in a blanket of snow and below-freezing temperatures in winter, walkers need to know a wider skill set.

Many more people are enjoying the winter mountains

As walking in general grows in popularity, so more people are extending their walking activities into the colder months. But there are obvious dangers and walkers should think about joining a winter skills course, such as the ones run by Glentrek, before setting off for the snow-covered hills.

The £25 day course includes skills tuition by a qualified winter mountain leader, as well as all the equipment, including boots, crampons and ice axes, that you might need for a day in the Scottish winter mountains.

These courses are ideal for the walker who has some experience of summer walking but is taking their first steps into the winter mountains. You'll cover such skills as avalanche awareness, crampon use, ice axe arrest and navigation.

The winter skills days take place in the mountains near Glenshee and also offer some fantastic scenic treats. To find out more see Glentrek winter skills

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