Thursday, 20 October 2011

Learn your winter walking skills

Scottish mountains are simply magical in winter. On a crisp, dry day when the sky is blue and the snow has transformed the landscape into a winter wonderland it’s difficult to imagine a more stunning location. But for walkers, the chillier months can bring a number of dangers, which is why many more people are now signing up to winter skills courses.

In winter weather conditions can vary suddenly and without warning. In a white out it is very difficult to navigate if you are not familiar with a map and compass. And if you’re caught in bad conditions would you know how to take care of yourself? Even just walking with the aid of crampons can be difficult without some know-how.

Glentrek is now gearing up for their Winter Skills Weekends. The weekends in the Glenshee area focus on a range of different winter walking skills such as moving safely through the mountains including the use of the boot, ice axe, crampon techniques, avalanche awareness and emergency skills. These skills are incorporated into a winter walking day so that they may be put to use as the day progresses.

Winter Skills Weekends are also a great place ot meet likeminded people. If might be that your summer walking pals have decided to stay indoors in the warm but you still have a desire to be out and about in the hills all winter. At a Skills Weekend you’ll work in groups and we’re sure you’ll meet people who are friendly and ken to keep up their winter walking.

Glentrek also has Winter Skills Days. These reveal to less experienced walkers all the basics required for being out in the hills when there’s ice and snow.

There is still availability for the January and February weekends and days. See here for details.

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