Friday, 23 September 2011

Fix-it hill walking kit

Being prepared is one of the mantras of outdoors experts. Of course, hill walkers and off-the-beaten track mountain bikers should always have the essential kit packed in their rucksack, and that includes a compass and map and the knowledge of how to use them. But still there are things that you may feel that you can't prepare for, such as a torn tent or rucksack or a zip that suddenly breaks on your waterproof jacket.

So we have come up with a walking, biking and camping fix-it kit. These items shouldn't take up too much extra space and you never know when they will come in handy. They could be the difference between having a usable tent or not, or a pair of walking boots that get you home.

Duct tape: This fantastic DIY item is strong and sticky enough to mends tears and hold things together when all else seems useless. We're used it to mend rucksacks, waterproof trousers, tents and even a sleeping bag zip.

Seam Grip: This is a super-strong seam sealer that acts like an outdoor superglue.

Foil: Buy the heaviest weight you can find and fold it up into a neat square to be stowed in the bottom of your rucksack. It can be used as a windbreak for your stove, as a way of signalling for help (like a mirror) or even fashioned into a makeshift cooking pot.

Zip ties: Small, lightweight and incredibly useful these are fantastic for joining things back together or carry items attached to your rucksack.

Swiss Army Knife or Juice Knife: No outdoors person should go anywhere without a knife that has a useful cutting blade and a saw.

Length of cord: It is lightweight and small to carry but a length of cord can get you out of trouble. Use it as a tent guy line replacement, to replace a snapped boot lace or as a belt for your trousers.

Dental floss: yes, this is a great product for cleaning your teeth but it is also a brilliant substitute fishing line and sewing thread.

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