Thursday, 24 June 2010

Walking is great for you and your health

Walking is great for your heart - and your health

If you're already a walking fan then you will not need to be persuaded of the benefits of walking. But if you are new to the pursuit - or still thinking about buying your first pair of walking boots and waterproofs then perhaps you should read on.

There are numerous, proven health benefits of walking. These include:

* Living longer

* Stronger heart

* Improved circulation

* Lower blood pressure

* More efficient lungs

* Reduced risk of breast cancer

* Increased energy levels

* Stronger bones

* Improved stamina

* Better sex

* Stronger muscles

* More flexible joints

* Reduced stress

* Lower weight

* More lean muscle, less fat

* Enhanced mood

* Better sleep

* Less chance of depression

* Reduced chance of arthritis

* Reduced likelihood of osteoporosis.

Shall we continue? Or do you get the general idea that walking is fab for your health and fitness?

Walking is a great calorie burner

* Brisk walking burns up to 100 calories per mile – more if you are very overweight or if you are pushing yourself uphill.

Even more walking advantages

And on top of all these amazing health benefits there are a number of other advantages:

* Walking is a sociable activity and great for keeping up with friends or meeting new people. (One friend met the love of her life while walking a Munro!).

* Walking can provide valuable "me time" away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life.

* Walking is ideal for a range of ages and fitness levels.

* Walking takes you to new and scenic places.

* Walking takes you off the beaten track and on an exciting adventure.

* Walking offers a great hobby, especially if you embark on a goal such as bagging Munros.

* Walking is an activity that you can do all year round.

* It's a cheap activity once you're bought the basic kit.

Once you've read all this you'll be wondering why every single person isn't out walking at every opportunity!

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