Friday, 18 June 2010

Five "easier" Munros in Angus, Scotland

Celebration on the top of Mt Keen

People are always asking us about Munros in Angus - and also about "easier" Munros. Of course, there is no such thing as an easy climb to the top of Scotland's stable of 283 Munros but certainly some are more straightforward and less painful on the legs muscles than others. It is also good to remember, too, that even the "easiest" of hills can become treacherous if the weather turns bad. So always make sure you know what the forecast is before setting out and ensure you have the right kit with you. See our previous guide to essential summer walking kit.

Anyway, if you are looking to walk a few of the country's easier Munros then Angus is definitely a great place to come to. While the region boasts some of the most amazing scenery, it also has a few Munros that might suit the less experienced or the less fit. If in doubt about navigation, why not hire a guide to take you to the summit? Glentrek can help you with this.

Our top five Munro suggestions in Angus and close by are:
(Click on the name of the Munro to find a route via Walk Highlands.)

Mt Keen 939m. Mt Keen is the most eastern of the Munros and can be climbed either from Glen Esk (quicker) or Glen Tanar (more scenic).

Ben Chonzie makes a great family walk

Ben Chonzie 931m North of Crieff with a summit located above heather-covered moorlands, Ben Chonzie offers a fine day's outing. The quicker climb is from the west, while the more scenic walk is from the east.

Mayar 928m A lovely gently ascent on a clearly seen path takes you to the top of this rounded summit. But just because it's a relatively easy walk doesn't mean the views are any less gorgeous. You'll love this one. (It is often climbed with Dreish, too)

Driesh 947m A steeper climb but it doesn't feel too long. Driesh is situated above Glen Doll.

Cairnwell 933m This Munro is considered one of the easiest of all. There is far less ascent than many other Munros because a road takes walkers to a car park that is within easy sight of the cone-shaped summit. There is a well-marked trail/road heading to the summit, from where you'll be rewarded with great views. Many people turn the walk into more of an outing by ticking off two other Munros, Carn Aosda and Carn a'Gheoidh.

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