Thursday, 21 January 2010

Your (new) boots were made for walking

Recent reports reveal that there has been a dramatic rise in the sale of walking boots in the UK during the recent cold snap. And with many snowed in, it has been e-commerce sales that have seen the biggest climb. During the festive period, and in particular since January 4, the growth in sales of all kinds of walking and hiking boots has been impressive according to many high street and on-line outlets.

Other statistics across the outdoors clothing industry have also been showing a boost in the sales of boots, jackets and all kinds of walking kit since Britain slid into its current economic gloom. The theory is that with less disposable income people are looking for leisure activities that have a minimal initial outlay and offer plenty of scope for free/low-cost exercise and fun.

Here at Glentrek we're really excited by the news. Okay, so we know that some people have been having a difficult time due to the snow and ice over the last month or so. And we are not so callous as to be rejoicing in the general lack of cash in people's pockets. But we are delighted by the idea that more people might use their boots and outdoor clothing to get out and about in the countryside. (Of course, we also realise that some of the sales increase will have come from people buying boots to walk the streets around their homes!)

But we reckon it only takes one walk in the countryside to convince most people of the wonders of our great outdoors. Whether you decide on a riverside stroll, a ramble in the hills or a climb to the top of a Corbett or a Munro, you're pretty much guaranteed to benefit both emotionally and physically. Walking is an ideal activity for everyone and it's also amazingly accessible.

So come on, pull on your boots, tie the laces and take a walk that's a little more on the wild side than your local shops.

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