Friday, 22 January 2010

Girls are doing it for themselves

It used to be that you would always see women out on the hills trailing their man. Or else they would be a group of male and female walkers with the tiny minority being made up of the fairer sex. But in recent years there's been something of a boomtime in female hikers.

Groups of walkers are now more likely to be evenly split in the male:female ratio, and I frequently see girl-only groups enjoying some of their own time and space in the Angus Glens.

There has been a significant rise in the numbers of enquiries from women looking for female-only guided walks, or else from all-female groups planning to head off for a self-led walk organised by ourselves.

In fact Glentrek is planning a range of women-only walks this year, including a winter walking skills course and a Lairig Ghru guided walk on May 1.

Other adventure holiday and guided walking companies in Scotland have been reporting a similar trend. Among other benefits it seems that women like the less competitive atmosphere, camaraderie, social aspect, chat and generally more relaxed feel of a female-only walk or adventure activity. Indeed, one of the most popular activities for women-only groups is learning about navigation. (How many times, ladies, have you had to give over the map and navigation to a bloke on the hills?!)

It's not that us girls don't like the guys (on many occasions it's great to be in mixed company), it's just that sometimes it's rather nice to get away from some of the bravado and full-speed-ahead-ness of some male groups for a little more contemplation, relaxation and (well, we are renowned for it!) quality chat.

If a few female-only walks and courses also encourage more novice adventure women out into Scotland's great outdoors then all the better. So, let's hear it for the girls doing outdoors adventures for themselves!

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  1. Yeh, it's great isn't it? I love walking with the guys but i also relish a great day out on the hills with my girlfriends, catching up and actually managing to get to the end of conversations. Women make much better coffee and sarnies, too!