Friday, 9 March 2012

The best mother's day gift you can buy

You could treat your mum to a big bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates on Mother's Day. And, of course, she would be delighted. But how much more cherished will she feel if you book her in for a hills navigation day?

Glentrek runs Women-only Hill Navigation courses that are the perfect environment in which to learn about the vital skills of using a map and compass in the hills and mountains. The days are also a lot of fun and your mum will make new friends.

Your mum doesn't even need to be that fit and country-mad to enjoy a navigation day. The emphasis is about enjoying your surroundings and discovering new skills, which all mums will relish.

A Glentrek navigation hill day or weekend also offers the chance for mum to get away on her own or with a friend to enjoy some quality time without the family. Yes, she loves you all a great deal but she also loves her me-time.

The women-only navigation courses are led by a qualified mountain leader and will teach mum such skills as reading the terrain, using a map and compass, locating grid references, making accurate estimates of walking distances and how to get from A to B on a hill even when mist is all around you.

You never know what new hobby this course might spark for your treasured mum!

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