Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pick up top tips for winter walking

Safety is important in the mountains – especially in winter. At Glentrek we run a programme of winter skills and navigation courses offering practical and informative advice about how to enjoy the mountains safely and what to do in situations where you are caught out by bad weather.

Winter skills courses with Glentrek

You can never learn enough about winter safety, however, so we're delighted to hear about the The Mountaineering Council of Scotland's Winter Safety Lectures. This season's lectures are taking place in a range of locations across Scotland.

The aim of the lectures is to entertain and educate, and the main theme is skills for the mountains in winter. In order to deliver this, an inspiring array of speakers has been chosen to present the 2012 lecture series and an entertaining evening out is guaranteed.

The MCofS lectures take place in popular venues including the Clachaig Inn in Glencoe and the Mountain Café, Aviemore. Others will take place at Tiso stores in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Perth and Inverness.

Heather Morning, the MCofS Mountain Safety Adviser, says: “The MCofS winter safety lectures have something to offer everyone who enjoys the Scottish mountains in winter. Whether you are a seasoned mountaineer or heading to the mountains for the first time, you are guaranteed to pick up some useful 'top tips' from the experts.”

MCofS Chief Officer David Gibson said: “Winter mountains have much to offer in terms of physical challenge, superb views and memorable experiences. However, the margin for error is much less than at other times of the year due to the weather, conditions underfoot and limited daylight hours.

"These lectures could save lives by enabling you to learn from others’ experience and gain an understanding of the skills and equipment you need to be more self-reliant.”

Of course, at Glentrek we believe that the best way to learn about winter mountains and safety is to get out there with an experienced guide but for extra top tips the MCofS safety lectures will be a valuable addition to your winter skills knowledge.

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