Monday, 28 March 2011

Summer's here: So choose a walking goal!

We're excited here at Glentrek! Well, we're always pretty high on life, walking and the outdoors but now that the sun has been making a definite appearance and the clocks have gone forward there are even more reasons to be smiling.

British Summer Time has officially started and now is the perfect time to make plans for your year of walking. Dig out those boots (if you've not already) and have a think about where you fancy walking.

There are numerous walking ideas and it could be that you don't feel the need for a goal. But so many people do like to have an aim and find that this motivates them to get out each weekend and into the hills. So we thought we would suggest a few walking challenge ideas:

Go for the summits: Perhaps you'll choose to start ticking off a round of the Munros or Corbetts. The Munros are hills in Scotland with a summit of more than 3000ft. There are 283 Munros and some of the easiest are in Angus. Why not give Glentrek a call to find out more about the Munros Mayar and Dreish?

Meanwhile, the Corbetts are hills that have a summit of at least 2,500ft. There are 221 Corbetts in Scotland. Many of these hills are "less walked" than the Munros and so they can feel even more luxuriously wild and remote.

Walk the distance: There are at least a dozen long-distance waymarked walks in Scotland. These walks range from two day walks to more than a week. Some walkers choose to walk a section of these waymarked walks each weekend and over a longer period of time, while others will hike the entire route in one multi-day trip. At Glentrek we're big fans of the Cateran Trail.

Take a challenge: There is a growing stable of walking events in Scotland. These events range widely in distance and challenge but they all provide the ideal aim for getting fit and achieving a rewarding goal. There is a new walk challenge called the Cateran Yomp, as well as a host of others including the Caledonian Challenge, the Highland Cross and The Moonwalk, in Edinburgh.

Coast the coast: Scotland's stunning coastline makes a great focus for walkers. There are several long-distance routes along the coast, including the Fife Coastal Path. Why not aim to walk the entire coast of Scotland over the next 10, 20 or 30 years?! Now that's a big challenge!

Tell us what your walking challenge will be this year.

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