Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tales of epic British mountain walks

We love to hear about epic walking challenges in the great outdoors. Just this summer Munro bagger extraordinaire Steve Fallon completed his 14th (yes, 14th!) full round of 283 Scottish Munros. What started as a mild distraction some 15 years ago has turned into a full-on hobby and even a business, as Steve now leads people who want to climb Munros.

And now fellow mountaineer Alan Hinkes has succeeded in his attempt to climb all 39 of England’s highest peaks in his latest adventure: the County Tops Challenge. Alan, who was the first British person to climb the world’s 14 highest peaks, took just eight days to reach the summit of the highest peak in each English county.

This is a challenge that Alan had always wanted to do and originally he planned to spread it out over a few years but then he had the opportunity to do the challenge with Pro Trek while raising funds for mountain rescue.

His epic journey began in his home town of Northallerton, from where he headed north, then to Lincolnshire, up the west side of the country and finished in the Lake District. As well as the need for strength and endurance, Alan said that driving and finding the peaks was hard going.

Despite experiencing the wonders and scenery of much higher mountains, such as Everest and K2, Alan is still very much passionate about his home country. He is reported as saying: "My heart is in the British hills."

We couldn't agree more!

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