Friday, 20 August 2010

Happy Glamping and Glampervanning

Glamping in the purest sense

Words I've learnt this summer that still make me smile are Glamping and Glampervanning (the latter I think was coined by fellow bloggers Big Tree Campervans). Both reveal a growing desire from the general public for outdoors holidays but with a bit of luxury thrown in. So instead of seeing camping as a muddy, uncomfortable affair, Glamping was created to add all kinds of modern touches to camping.

Own-style Glamping

In the purest sense, Glamping is apparently more to do with static yurts and tents, which are kitted out with a wealth of 21st century luxuries, including heating, toilets etc. However, there are Glampers who organise their own tent and camping kit, and simply throw into the car as many modern gadgets as possible to make their camping holiday just that bit more glamorous.

Outdoors shops now sell a wealth of 21st century camping accessories such as solar showers, toilets, toilet tents, blow up mattresses, double sleeping bags, armchairs, proper cooking stoves, glasses, cutlery, crockery etc.

Have you tried Glampervanning?
Pic thanks to Angus Clyne

Glampervanning is similar except there's the added luxury of a warm van in which to live and sleep. While many campervanners still love the nostalgia of a VW van, increasing numbers are finding there are huge benefits to hiring or buying a more modern campervan. (That is, it's much less likely to breakdown/burn your bank balance in petrol!). And so an outdoors holiday in a modern campervan has been coined Glampervanning.

Whether you like the sound of Glamping or Glampervanning both offer a great base for an outdoors holiday whether you're looking for the convenience of a campsite or the get-away-from-it-all tranquility of a wilder spot. You'll also feel a great deal more inclined to embrace some of Scotland's great outdoor pursuits, such as walking, cycling, climbing, surfing.. oh the list is endless!

So many times I've found the weather in September and October to be ideal for an outdoors weekend or break during the school holidays. Who's up for a bit of Glamping or Glampervanning these next couple of months?

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