Friday, 5 March 2010

Make tracks for a walking festival

If you thought that walking festivals were only for men with grey beards and rambler types brandishing walking poles then perhaps you should think again. There's nothing wrong with either (poles are great and in certain unkind lighting I can see the beginnings of a grey beard too) it's the image of walking festivals that's wrong..festivals attract a huge range of walkers, of all ages, with all kinds of interests and from an array of backgrounds.

With the number and diversity of walking fests growing every year in Scotland you may well wonder where to head for. Perhaps you'll choose an area that you've never been to before or you might decide to head to a festival in an already much-walked area so that you can join a guided walk that leads you along a route, or to a summit, that you've always fancied hiking.

There are many great reasons for attending a walking festival. First, you'll find an extensive range of guided walks, including historical themed walks, walks with nature, beginner-friendly walks, strenuous expeditions and a whole host more.

Walking festivals also offer a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded folk. These festivals appeal to solo walkers, couples and families, but they also provide the ideal arena for getting to know new walkers. Single walkers WAKE UP - some walking events have led to romance - and even marriage!

Most walking festivals also offer a range of off-hill events, including evening entertainment and associated outdoor activities.

Of course, we're going to be a little biased here in the Angus Glens but we think that our long-standing four-day award-winning Angus Glens Walking Festival is a little bit special. The Angus Glens provide a beautiful landscape and backdrop for a wide range of fabulous walks, and for all abilities. Many walkers return year after year to take in more of the growing range of organised hikes. The evening entertainment is also a real treat.

New at this year's festival, which runs from June 3 to 6, are two history-themed walks that explore the past of JM Barrie, the author of Peter Pan who was born in the Angus town of Kirriemuir. There are another two new walks aimed at experienced walkers that head into Glen Clova and Glen Esk.

The festival is popular so it's worth sourcing your accommodation in advance – and booking on to the walks that take your fancy..All in all it's a great chance to see what beautiful Angus has to offer -see you there! .

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