Monday, 15 February 2010

Angus Glens is a great place to bag Munros

There are some 14 Munros in the Angus Glens area – and this region has an even closer affinity with Sir Hugh Munro (the chap who first tabulated the lst of the now 283 Scottish mountains with a summit of more than 3000t) as his family estate is situated just outside the Angus town of Kirriemuir.

Of these 14 Munros in the Angus Glens, several, including the wonderfully easy-going mountain Mayar, are widely acclaimed as the most straightforward and leisurely of the lot. But this is not to say they are anything less than gorgeous. Walking Munros – and Corbetts – in this region offers fantastically scenic eye-candy as well as a chance to see some of Scotland's most amazing wildlife.

Hiking Mayar, for example, you will head from the stunning Glen Clova and through the Scottish Natural heritage site of Corrie Fee, a place renowned for its rare and beautiful plantlife. The reserve forms a botanical paradise and attracts nature-lovers keen to see the many arctic-alpine plants that grow on the cliffs and wetlands in the corrie.

Britain’s only population of purple coltsfoot and the rare yellow oxytropis have been found here, as well as more common sightings mountain plants such as purple saxifrage, roseroot and globeflower and lowland species including red campion and wild angelica.

So, the Angus Glens does offer the ideal place for a spot of Munro bagging, especially if you're just starting out and planning to bag a full "round" of the 283. Now, too, you can keep a record of your Munro "bags" thanks to the shiny new website Bagging Scotland Just about to launch, the innovative site provides a platform for baggers to write about their, well, "bags". As well as bagging Munros, you might want to think about bagging Scottish islands, castles, and whisky distilleries. That's the website's suggestions so far but no doubt there will be more categories listed in future. It's kind of like a diary or travel-logue of Munros bagged, islands bagged, distilleries bagged and castles bagged, Of course, the Angus Glens boasts a fair few castles and distilleries, as well as our wonderful Munros.

And if you're looking for some guidance on the Munros, or perhaps walking/mountain biking between castles and distilleries then Glentrek can help

Go on, you know you're "gagging tae go bagging"!

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